Egyptian Tattoo Pictures

Egyptian Tattoo Pictures 2

Egyptian culture had several distinctive and sacred symbols that even today are still used in the world of tattoos.

Among the most typical designs and their meanings are:

The ankh, also known as Egyptian cross, symbol of eternity and infinity. Widely used by both boys and girls.

The symbol of a woman with wings and open arms, specifically named Maat represents justice and balance.

The god Ra, the sun god and one of the most important figures in Egyptian mythology that is usually represented with the head of an eagle.

The beetle was a sacred symbol which represents the birth of a new life.

The Eye of Horus is an object that represents healing and protection.
Egyptian Tattoo Pictures 3
These are the most typical and common signs ancient Egyptian culture, as we have said before, even now, today, after so many years, there are people who are attracted to these designs and their strong and deep symbolism and choose tatuarlos on your skin. There is no place more popular than another to have one of these and they are optimal to decorate your skin with one of these Egyptian symbols that look so good in your body body.

The pyramids and pharaohs Tattoo are also very common.

Small Design Eye of Horus Tattoo

Small Design Eye of Horus on the wrist. It is perhaps the smallest we\’ve seen so far of this type. A simple design which only has tattooed the silhouette and no filler.

Egyptian Tattoo Pictures 1

The cat was a magical animal to the Egyptians and is a symbol that is repeated in the designs of this type. This is a bit different from other cats we\’ve seen.

Egyptian Tattoo Pictures 4

As we mentioned before, at the end of this gallery, collectors are going to see all Egyptian symbols that although there are many and might not see all but I am quite sure that if we see the most. In this case this man has a tattoo of \”duplicate\” has two cats \”Sphynx\” and two Eyes of Horus and the site chosen for this man was back.

Several Egyptian designs on his chest and arms

Several Egyptian designs on his chest and arms.

Egyptian Tattoo Symbols on both forearms

Egyptian symbols on both forearms.

Goddess Maat Tattoo at the top of the back

Goddess Maat at the top of the back.

Egyptian Art Tattoo

describe a design that\’s difficult if you\’re not an expert in Egyptian art.

Pharaoh with Pyramids Background Tattoo

Nice tattoo of a pharaoh with pyramids background tattooed on his arm. I\’m sure we\’ll see something similar to this tattoo in this collection. Although not all tattoo appreciate good from this angle, there is an Egyptian cat tattooed on the right side of the image so with this cat, are three typical reasons that exist in this tattoo.

Colorful Pharaoh Tattoo

excellent design of a pharaoh in colorful tones. A pharaoh was tattooed with the other colors and motifs that appear around are just gray. Perhaps it is the image of a tattoo that is not finished yet.

Egyptian Queen Tattoo

All full back with an Egyptian queen. It is a perfect tattoo for a woman or a young girl but maybe the size is too big. A smaller tattoo would be perfect.

Eye of Horus Tattoo

Eye of Horus.

Egyptian Tattoo Pictures 5
Maat Goddess Tattoo

Maat Goddess. For those who do not know this goddess, symbol, symbolizing truth and justice.

Egyptian Tattoo Pictures 6
Sphinx Tattoo Pictures

Design Great Sphinx. This guy has several Egyptian symbols like the Eye of Horus and a pyramid and the left chest has a tattoo of the Mecca although I\’m not sure that is not appreciated too well on the right chest.

design of two skulls on characterized as an Indian chest and as an Egyptian pharaoh

design of two skulls on characterized as an Indian chest and as an Egyptian pharaoh.

Egyptian Tattoo Pictures 7

And last design of this category are very daring guy because everyone is not able to tattoo all these tattoos on his body. The picture is very dark and does not allow good visualization but still the Egyptian designer shops in the center and the wings that have around you are perfectly visible. Has other tattoos on other parts of your body such as arms, collarbones and neck.