Foot Tattoo Designs

Foot Tattoo Designs 4
The instep is most striking, however, the side of the foot are an excellent place to get a tattoo a simple design that goes unnoticed. Among my favorite designs are the words or phrases in a simple and straight fonts that do not call much attention. The stars were for a time very fashionable. In the gallery we show abundant butterflies, flowering vines climbing up the ankle and birds.

Whatever design you choose and place, always keep in mind these aspects.

flower tattoo on foot
There hygiene rules you must follow very strictly. Attends a use good hygiene measures and use appropriate materials, since an irregular use of materials can have serious health consequences, such as the spread of infection, poisoning or serious diseases such as hepatitis C and AIDS. Investigate in your city and looking for a good tattoo artist. Do not just talk about hygiene, it is that the person is professional and knows perform their job perfectly. It is not easy to tattoo and not all results are perfect, what is certain is that it will be forever. Do not play! Never forget that removing the tattoo much more money is needed, longer and more painful than done. If you regret design that once chosen, you can always resort to cover, it’s about making a tattoo on a previous design and create something totally different to hide what he had before.

spiral butterfly tattoo

a butterfly Original design made ​​from a spiral. The petals are a great detail that highlights the contrasting red color used against the dark tones of the butterfly.

Foot Tattoo Designs 1

Nice tattoo on the two vamps. In one there is a nice small butterfly in warm tones on the other foot follows a bunch of leaves surrounding the butterfly.

Foot Tattoo Designs 2

Tattoo made ​​of shadows and black ink. Shading is correct, however, no technique dotted. This technique is laborious and requires practice to do it successfully. You can observe spaces with good stippling and other gaps, which adds nothing positive to design.

simple tattoo on the side of the foot

Nice and simple design on the side of the foot. The layout of it is not very good, since the lines are lost in some ways. It should be added that the dotted line does not stick with the design and not really know what the purpose of it.

Foot Tattoo Designs 3

phrase over the instep. The tattoo photo taken not help see the design completely, so can not comment on other designs because we do not see a whole.

Pretty butterfly in orange on the side of the instep

Pretty butterfly in orange on the side of the instep. The part of the reflected better than the right, which seems izquiera atrophied. Using the orange shades on the other hand, creates a sense of DEPTH.

Small butterfly tattoo in blue tones

Small butterfly in blue tones. Simple tattoo, although the saturated color may not be correct butterfly in the lower right part of the butterfly, is a little blurry.

Foot Tattoo Designs 5

Simple design of a butterfly with a date at the bottom. There seems to be an attempt to paortar colors on the wings of the butterfly, but remains in attempt. It has no body and wing shape is strange.

Foot Tattoo Designs 6

Tattoo of a rosary around his ankle and falls on the instep and anchor. It is quite common these designs. The color tattoo can see it in shades of lilac. Furthermore we can realize if we pay the necessary attention to two initial at anchor, which gives meaning and significance to the design appear.

Foot Tattoo Designs 7

This tattoo covers part of the foot and leg. At the bottom we tattooed the name of a person and start a small flower vine climbing up.

Foot Tattoo Designs 8
Foot Tattoo Designs 9

Flores with some details in pink. The branch has a very good, very realistic result. However, the flowers look unfinished. If anything flowers is distinguished by its color, which would have been fine with dark contrast of the branch.

Foot Tattoo Designs 10

If we look at this design, we can see that is tattooed with henna. As discussed in other designs, it is a good way to have a previous idea of a design but we are convinced realize it or not.

Foot Tattoo Designs 11

Design of a bird.

Foot Tattoo Designs 12

Tattoo with butterflies and tangled lines dedicated to the mother of the bearer of the tattoo. In other designs we discussed the lack of success in making a tattoo vine with butterflies in black tones. However, in this case, the result is very good, not only for the technical saturation and shaded black but also in white detail the artist added.

Foot Tattoo Designs 13

This design is made ​​with henna ink, a non-permanent ink. Many details, some better made ​​than others. Although, it bede noted that printing henna is usually done with thicker ink tattoos tools, so it is normal that the small details do not have the same result. Besides the henna ink is thicker and does not allow many variations as the rest of tattoo ink.

Foot Tattoo Designs 14

tattoo of a butterfly on a vine. As you can see this style of tattoo is very recurrent and depending on the situation butterfly design and vines outcome varies.

Foot Tattoo Designs 15

Pink flowers and a branch. A simple design that can not emphasize anything about him. Flowers do not have many details. It is a very big for the foot drawing. Normally usually a little smaller in this part of the body. It is not very difficult to get. Any tattoo artist can make one as well.

Foot Tattoo Designs 16

Another new design in henna. It is customary use henna tattooing not permanently so you can remove this tattoo anytime using some soap. Since this blog advise you before going to the tattoo artist and tattoo design you may have temporary a more or less similar to what you want to have for you to be sure that you like as a real tattoo is for life and is expensive and difficult to delete.

Foot Tattoo Designs 17

flowers on the instep in warm tones. A very original and colorful, although not used very often, disne have a great result. The central flower brings a great depth to the design. Could be improved further from flower fingers because comparatively nearest is better defined.

Foot Tattoo Designs 18

On the side of the foot and goes up the leg. It\’s kind of like a butterfly vine with detail along with it. The design idea is original, however, in my opinion, has not been the best thing to do the tattoo on blacks. I say this because, precisely, a vine can be showy by different colors which, to contrast with the butterfly.

Foot Tattoo Designs 19

Small butterfly with colorful flowers. Good use of color contrasts used to give meaning to design and provide you with different textures. The butterfly is reflected faithfully and you can see a great realism in the wings of the same.

Foot Tattoo Designs 20

Another design of a sentence with trail of footprints on top.

Foot Tattoo Designs 21

Silhouette of a dragon tribal style.

Foot Tattoo Designs 22

Bouquet of colorful flowers and small. SSe makes a good play with colors, leaving the vine as part of the background in a black tone and bringing flowers to the front, even with very soft tones over the ground, stand on it.

Foot Tattoo Designs 23

Small and discreet symbol you can read the word \”love\”. The design is very original, ie, albeit simple, the plot is very good tattoo and a uniform tone is achieved.

Foot Tattoo Designs 24

Nice and colorful design of a swallow with beautiful wings. It can be seen that and a very personal design and tailored to the tastes of the young. You could add some color to the body of the swallow for a more finished effect, however, this lack is supplied with riginalidad shape of the wings and the animal\’s chest.

Foot Tattoo Designs 25

Tattoo composed of the two vamps, one see an open cage birds leaving flying toward the other foot.

Foot Tattoo Designs 26

Many girls who choose a butterfly tattoo on her feet. They choose the colors and motifs, but the main design is repeated on many occasions.

Foot Tattoo Designs 27
Foot Tattoo Designs 28

We find a different design to that seen so far. The head of a fox. You will probably never get to do an exclusive for foxes article because there are many people who decide to tattoo one. Dogs and wolves are much more common and so we have an article on them here.

Foot Tattoo Designs 29

Several stars in black ink.

pink and yellow flowers tattoo

Two flowers of pink and yellow and two green leaves around it. A design that could be Hawaiian. Nothing else to note, is very simple.

skeleton lying tattoo on the instep

skeleton lying on the instep.

Foot Tattoo Designs 30

Colorful koi carp. In this picture we can see other reasons though all relate to marine life or marine life except the flower. At the bottom and blue tattooed we see several waves and sea water.

Foot Tattoo Designs 31

Rana reddish tone.

Foot Tattoo Designs 32
Foot Tattoo Designs 33

Design of a sentence.

Foot Tattoo Designs 34

Simple design on the vamp loose some petals.

Foot Tattoo Designs 35

Dragon and flowers in warm tones.

Foot Tattoo Designs 36

Two different colored flowers with the words \”love\” and \”faith\”.

Foot Tattoo Designs 37

Two girls wearing the msmo design on the uppers. They are simple branches of flowers with small leaves. It can be seen that a good use of white in the tattoo is done, as shown gives brightness and dynamic design. Tattoo branches is very common in the foot and the result, although it can vary, in most cases gives a good result so well that fits this area of the body.

Foot Tattoo Designs 38

An Indian feather on the right foot of a girl or woman. In my opinion it is a very big place for this body size.

Foot Tattoo Designs 39

Funny and child design a small kitten.

Foot Tattoo Designs 40

Design Cupid surrounded by hearts. Original design but with a little mistake in my opinion. The blue color of the background removes prominence to the figure of Cupid, which is the main design. Perhaps, bringing more color to the main figure could get a more cohesive design.

Foot Tattoo Designs 41

Pretty pen over the instep. The use of shading is wrong in some very dark areas, sometimes not … Also joining the pen with the stick of it is confusing.

Foot Tattoo Designs 42

the word goodbye in English tattooed on the side of the foot. Written with a calligraphy qu evokes ancient paths and double that paortan design originality.

Foot Tattoo Designs 43
Foot Tattoo Designs 44

Salamander in pink tones. We used the technique of 3D, which has an effective result especially in the part laque salamander tail gets into the body of this person. The rear leg of the salamander is somewhat faded, but the rest of the animal is well defined, different textures can aprecirar what brings realism to the design.

Foot Tattoo Designs 45

Nice flowers with small anchor at the rear. The party can be a bit confusing is that of the fixed hearts on the ends of the anchor. One can see that a heart is stretched and the other not. Also a red shading behind one of the blue flowers did not help in understanding the design.

Foot Tattoo Designs 46

Groove small stars in different colors.

Foot Tattoo Designs 47

Small birds come Dandelion present in the design of this tattoo. The design idea is original but personally, I think it has not accurately reflected. The perspective and the way in which birds are willing may seem strange.

Foot Tattoo Designs 48

Birds in flight over the side of the foot. You can see how it plays so well achieved with the perspective, making it larger and smaller birds, giving a sense of depth to the tattoo. Birds are a common element each time to get tattooed, however, the results do not cease to be original because of the great variety of models that can be made.

Foot Tattoo Designs 49

Bouquet of small pink flowers. We can observe a great use of color gradient in small flowers. A flower is not well defined at all and how d ela same to the naked eye is not appreciated. However, conjutno design is good and even with that ruling the result is good.

Foot Tattoo Designs 50

Design composed of two feet. In one foot is tattooed a pen in the other an English sentence. Harmonious design, due to the way in which both the pen as the phrase is printed, as can be seen a certain similarity in the design shape, ascending in both cases.