Lumbar or Lower Back Tattoos

A very common to print different designs and motifs that has always been very popular, especially among the female audience area. As it stated in other parts of the body such as the chest or shoulder, but the shoulder less and less, were areas that men often printed more often; Well, unlike those areas of the body, the lumbar or lower back, usually an area in which women choose.

Although a popular area among women, it is still somewhat controversial. This is because if a woman chooses to print a design in this area, you can not inject the epidural, an injection used for birth less painful. Because of this the woman that a design is made in the lower back it has to be clear or do not want to have children or if you will have, you can not get an epidural, so you can suffer more in delivery.

The tribal motifs are among the most popular, especially because they adapt well to this area, in which the designs are to be lengthened and go forth from the lower back to have a result that adjustment naturally this area. Flowers, suns, butterflies, hearts and stars are among the most common elements that are printed here, either alone in the middle of the lower back or as part of a border such as a tribal. It is an easy area to hide but can be visible if we wear a little short shirts.

In conclusion, if you are a woman or a man who chooses this area although not as common, you have to be clear that this design meets the special features of this area.

Tattoos on the lower back are very popular and are quite good. For girls pose a problem, as this area of ​​the body it is incompatible with the epidural injection, which is given to avoid the pain of childbirth. Among the most common designs in this area of ​​the body include tribal ways.

As in other galleries we’ve seen, this area of ​​the body is quite popular, especially among girls. This is an area that supports different designs and sizes, usually are quite showy.

lower back tattoos
lower back tattoos for girls

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tattoo of a fairy with butterfly wings.

lower back tattoo cover up
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Typical design of a sun with tribal forms occupy whole area of ​​the body.

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lower back tattoo pain level

Tattoo purple two loops on each side and four-leaf clover in the center.

lower back tattoos tribal
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Sol in the center of the area, accompanied by clouds, crescent moons and stars.

lower back tattoo pictures
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Design of a fisherman throwing the net.

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lower back tattoo and epidural

it seems that this girl has a tribal tattoo and it has adorned or improved with another design with flowers, a name and other shapes.

lower back tattoo art

design style tribal wings on the sides and an Oriental character in the center.

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Tribal Butterfly accompanied by small roses.

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child design three animals (a monkey, a pig and a giraffe) mounted on a train.

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Typical tribal design.

lower back tattoo on a guy
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This dragonfly has bright colors inside.

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Bonito heart original forms in which is shown.

lower back tattoos black

Cross with wings on the lower back area.

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This person has tattooed the name of Nina, which is accompanied with wings and a halo on top.

lower back tattoo cover

Midget, the name that appears inthe heads of these puppets.

lower back tattoo cross designs

Winged heart in red and shaded with gold trim that provides good contrast.

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This girl has put several bright spots to your tattoo to highlight more.

lower back tattoo cross

design of a sun with a dolphin inside.

lower back tattoo designs

Two cross each other at the corners with roses guns and brass knuckles in the center of the design.

lower back tattoo designs free

Design of a spider in its web.

lower back tattoo design ideas

tribal design with a heart in the center thereof; design of small dimensions.

lower back tattoo designs images

tribal design on the lower back in a black hue.

lower back tattoo examples

Fairy with wings pointed in pink tones.

best lower back tattoos ever

tribal design on the lower back area in a uniform black tone.

lower back tattoo means no epidural

This girl, for example, has tattooed a butterfly whose interior is the face of a tiger. Accompanied by tribal forms tattoo on the sides.

elegant lower back tattoo designs

The flowers are also very common in this part of the body.

elegant lower back tattoo

Eye of Osiris printed as a detail.

egyptian lower back tattoo designs

This girl has a design with a pentagram, a treble clef in the center, musical notes and two pink in color.

lower back tattoo for guys

Representation of a heart blacks in strikeout.

lower back tattoo for girl

red flowers with green leaves in which it has achieved a very natural texture.

lower back tattoo for male

tribal design in which you can see reds accompanying black tone characteristic of these designs.

lower back tattoo for female

This girl has wings on each side and a few letters of an unknown alphabet in the center.

Tattoos on the lower back or lumbar 1

Several tribal designs covering the entire lower back.

Tattoos on the lower back or lumbar 2

The shield of this famous motorcycle company accompanied by veres leaves and flowers in an orange glow.

Tattoos on the lower back or lumbar 3

This girl has tattooed the name of Jack in this area of ​​the body.

Tattoos on the lower back or lumbar 4

butterfly in dark colors with tribal forms on each side.

Tattoos on the lower back or lumbar 5

Narnja and red flower with shades that contrast with the green color of the leaves that accompany it.

Tattoos on the lower back or lumbar 6

tribal design in which it can be seen that the lily is formed in the central area of ​​the tattoo.

Tattoos on the lower back or lumbar 7

Flowers in blue tones printed in the lower back.

Tattoos on the lower back or lumbar 8

Image of a clavera and flames with stars, with missing color.

Tattoos on the lower back or lumbar 9

This girl has a design with a dolphin in the center, some flowers and tribal designs that occupy the entire area.