Mother Daughter Tattoos to Create an Unforgettable Memory

Matching mother daughter tattoos offer a perfect way to celebrate the special bond only a mother and a daughter have. There are many ways to make getting a tattoo together memorable. A special event, such as Mother’s Day, your birthday or Christmas, is the perfect time to get a tattoo. The following article offers tips to help you plan this special day with your mother.

Plan a mother and daughter trip to a local spa to pamper your skin the day before getting your tattoo. Use this time to relax, rejuvenate and reunite. During this time, discuss some of the fond memories the two of you have had together. In addition to helping you relax, some of these memories may help you and your mom choose a design for the new tattoo.

Another option is to spend the day together at an art museum. While at the art museum, try to find a piece of art that the two of you can agree on. Once the two of you have found a piece, take photographs to take with you to the tattoo artist. He may be able to incorporate the elements you like into a custom tattoo.

Search online or in a book for the perfect quote that says why you and your mother are so close. There are many quotes available that are fitting for mother daughter tattoos. Examples include quotes from the Bible and quotes from famous people, such as Charlotte Gray, Aristotle and Abraham Lincoln. The quote you choose can be incorporated into a graphic such as a heart or an infinity symbol. 
No matter the occasion, mother daughter tattoos create a way to connect with your mother. Plan a special day for the two of you. Choose a design you can agree on and get a tattoo to express your love for one another.

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