Spread Wings Tattoos on women

There are different models that can wings tattoo and models each expressed different reasons, in addition to visually may have a very different result; the most common are angel or fairy and butterfly.

In a general sense, the wings represent the union between earth and heaven, the desire to know what lies out there and escapes our grasp. It is the way of representing the link between the human and the supernatural, the reconciliation between body and soul for others (the wings represent the guide will lead the soul to the other world, the separation of the soul of the flesh, the escape route) . It can also mean the fact of having reached or exceeded an obstacle “earn their wings”, so it can symbolize that has passed such a disease or has managed to complete the process successfully.

There are many people now choose to be tattooed on the back wings as an angel (which usually leave a space which usually coincides with the spine). These wings have a multitude of meanings, including: moral, religion, beauty, purity, spirituality, flying forward, mysticism … In relation to the yearning to fly, people looking beyond or aspire to a goal (which need not to be impossible or difficult), found in this type of design is a good choice according to your preferences.

Angel wings, also have to do with people who feel an obligation to protect or simply by nature have this feature. The guardian angel, seen as one entity able to procure protection and security in the most difficult moments; Well, when we tatuamos wings, we are representing to us that angel, that person must be able to provide shelter and to protect the other people we care about. In addition, these designs offer a variety of positions and colors that allow us to innovate and differentiate ourselves from other original designs.

On the other hand they would also be the wings of a butterfly or fairy, which have a more tied to the aesthetic meaning and leaves no room for doubt (as to whether it is a design that has to do with religion, but already many people know what tattoo just for aesthetic reasons, but what we say is that there can be no doubt when it comes to a tattoo of a butterfly or fairy wings because there is no way affiliated with religion).

In conclusion, tattoos of wings have several variations and not only exist angel, butterfly or fairy, but this type of design allows large variations both in form and style. It’s not so much so with the area in which are usually printed, since this is usually the back and in this case, is the finest design adapts (by body area and the meaning of it, and it would be strange tattoos of wings in the belly for example).

They symbolize the wings, first flight. Also represent multiple aspects: freedom, peace and love, the union of heaven and earth, spiritual, processing or are simply associated with various animals. Many tattoo not only the meaning, but also because they are aesthetic and beautiful in many parts of the body. Here are some of the wing designs in this collection.

Spread Wings Tattoos on women 1

We see here a man in the picture shows his great wings tattoo in the small on both sides of a beautiful heart. We can distinguish also other reasons. A lover of tattoos certainly.

Spread Wings Tattoos on women 2

In a smaller than we’ve seen so far as they are situated in the area of ​​the neck size. Crowned by a simple halo.

Spread Wings Tattoos on women 3

Very separaas from each other, here again you be tattooed on the back. The most common place these types of tattoos.

Spread Wings Tattoos on women 4

The wings tattooed not have to go alone, it is very common to put wings to any reason, among the most used: the heart.

Spread Wings Tattoos on women 5

Curious design with a blue ribbon cassette which will sprout wings rounded lines.

Spread Wings Tattoos on women 6

Realistic body design heart with wings spread.

Spread Wings Tattoos on women 7

Great wings where we miss filling them.

Spread Wings Tattoos on women 8

These wings are accompanied by the message “can not no man take my wings” (“no man can cut my wings”).

Spread Wings Tattoos on women 9

Here are tribal style with touches of red ink.

Spread Wings Tattoos on women 10

Wings made as if they were flames.

Spread Wings Tattoos on women 11

Beautiful and colorful butterfly wings appear.

Spread Wings Tattoos on women 12

Two large wings that occupy the entire back of this young man with many details.

Spread Wings Tattoos on women 13

star with wings design in red and black.

Spread Wings Tattoos on women 14

heart with blue wings and named Keven.

Spread Wings Tattoos on women 15

Great tattoo of a winged object tattooed on his neck.

Spread Wings Tattoos on women 16

This is also large and occupies most of the back.

Spread Wings Tattoos on women 17

Colorful and beautiful butterfly wings on the back of this girl.

Spread Wings Tattoos on women 18

In the lower back in this case, a heart with wings initials inside.

Spread Wings Tattoos on women 19

design a wing with a shadow that gives some perspective but with a rather poor result.

Spread Wings Tattoos on women 20

Slipper winged symbol reminiscent of a famous brand.

Spread Wings Tattoos on women 21

Small wings on a reddish hue printed in the upper parts of the back of this girl.

Spread Wings Tattoos on women 22

In this design we see an initial, number and wings on the sides.

Spread Wings Tattoos on women 23

Small printed detail by way of blue wings.

Spread Wings Tattoos on women 24

black wings with white highlights and a halo in between the two.

Spread Wings Tattoos on women 25

wings with a message saying “my little angel” and a date will probably correspond to the day that killed the person he is remembered.