Choosing Tattoos for Girls Designs, Locations and More

Young ladies around the world are turning to tattoos as a way to express their individuality. From beautiful butterfly designs to original quotes, tattoos for girls designs abound. There are many considerations to take into account when choosing a tat to express individuality. This article breaks down the different types of tattoos available.

Fine line gray and black tats use line black and gray lines to draw and shade the tattoo. These black and gray designs were once famous in prisons; however, once again, they are gaining popularity amongst girls. Themes such as memorials, portraits and roses are often done with this tattoo style.

Asian tattoos feature language symbols, tigers, koi fish, cherry blossoms and dragons. These tats feature bold colors and graceful lines. Minute as well as large Asian tattoos are gaining in popularity. In Asia, there is a rich history of meaning behind each image. For example, tigers represent royalty, power and protections. Dragons represent good fortune, new beginnings and success.
Script tattoos, also known as lettering can provide a meaningful statements about love, loyalty or spirituality. Common script tattoos for girls designs include children’s’ names and birth dates, surnames, Scripture references and even song lyrics. Although not recommended, some people have their partner’s name tattooed on them. 

White ink tattoos use a different type of ink than normal tattoos. The ink is thicker and contains UV components. When this type of tattoo is done by a tattoo artist, the tattoo appears to be embossed rather than colored in. These tattoos take longer to heal and can discolor with excessive sun exposure. However, this is a great tattoo for someone who desires a discreet tattoo.
Tattoos offer girls a way to uniquely express themselves through art. Popular tattoos for girls designs include dragonflies, feathers, hearts and dream catchers. Many young ladies like to place tattoos on their feet, ribs and collarbones.


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