Trees of Life Tattoos

tree tattoos are not one of the most common, but recently more and tattoos in this category, the tree of life It deserves special mention because it is one of the protagonists trees. Although as mentioned there are many designs of trees and each has profound meaning and with whom we can feel identified, in the case of this post we will focus on the tree of life, which stores a number of concepts about what we’d talk.

The main concept that refers to the tree of life is the idea of ​​the connection between all the elements of the universe. It takes a united action accordingly and this result further action and so on. The idea that what we do, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, you can change the reality of another person. Reference to a person must try the good of others is also made, because this set of linked actions can give back something and if your trigger positive thing that comes back will be too.

With reference tree of life cycle of life, birth and death it is also made. The roots represent the birth, the beginning of the road and branches would be the end of life, death. The important thing about this representation is that we can see that the road can be in one way or another, we must take advantage of the way we are present and we have to be aware that life is over, hence the importance of trying to enjoy every moment that life brings.

For some people, trees in general and tattoo, representing a close relationship with nature, the importance of being connected with it, because without it there would be nothing. Trees also refer to spirituality, taking as an example the tree of life that we talked about, we can see that the tree is in the earth and its branches touch the sky, well, this would be a representation of the spirituality of the people, although we are earthly beings can be in touch with heaven, our spiritual life.

The tree of life can be represented in many ways, my personal advice is that you can have a very pleasing result when is framed in a circle, as it provides a natural way that can adapt very well to almost any body shape. Not only offer therefore an attractive design, but we will get a tattoo with meaning with which we can be identified, as previously talked you can refer to many issues through this tattoo either the connection of all things to him throughout the universe; the tree seen as the life cycle, the course of life to death; the connection of the person with nature and the connection of the person with your spiritual life.

As we have seen in other galleries, the tree of life can represent nature, change, growth or union with the spiritual and beautiful. In this gallery we see different designs of trees and other natural reasons.

In this gallery we see tattoos of trees, specifically the tree of life, which can represent various aspects. On the one hand, it can symbolize the union with nature and the spiritual. It can also symbolize growth and the search for the road, as do the branches and leaves that grow fruits leaving in its path. It may also symbolize the roots or family. In any case, they are quite aesthetic and look good on the body.

tree of life tattoos art

Tree of Life Celtic style.

celtic tree of life tattoos

Design small tree branches in green, made on the wrist.

tree of life tattoos meaning

Design of a cluster of grapes with leaves falling for this guy’s shoulder.

tree of life tattoos for men
tree of life tattoos designs

design tree branches with spiral forms.

pictures of tree of life tattoos

In this small tree they are included with important words in anyone’s life: family and friends.

tree of life tattoo gallery
beautiful tree of life tattoos

In this large and brightly colored tattooed on his side.

tree of life tattoos pinterest

A rose surrounded by pretty colorless branches in green.

awesome tree of life tattoos

The twisted tree roots culminated in thousands of star-shaped leaves.

amazing tree of life tattoos
ancient tree of life tattoo
tree of life tattoo back

Design of family tree inscribed with the names of the family.

tree of life tattoo behind ear
tree of life tattoo band
tree of life lower back tattoo
celtic tree of life back tattoo

palm rounded design lines and bright colors.

tree of life full back tattoo

These branches make an anklet.

tree of life arm band tattoo
bonsai tree of life tattoo
tree of life tattoo on back of neck

Curious tattoo of a child looking at the trunk of a cut tree.

biology tree of life tattoo

Nice sturdy branches tree whose branches seem to burn with fire.

badass tree of life tattoo

cherry blossoms sombre a background with shadows.

tree of life tattoo bedeutung

The tree of life has heart-shaped leaves. We also note the OM symbol inside, which represents union with the Supreme.

tree of life tattoo celtic meaning

This tree of life includes a large amount of roots, which are drawn across the lower back of the man.

tree of life tattoo color

flower print on multiple lines tangled together.

tree of life tattoo cost

Nice and understated design of the tree of life on the wrist of this person.

tree of life tattoo cover up

red flower on a turuesas sheets with lyrics in blacks.

tree of life tattoo chest

Printed silhouette of a log, a simple but elegant design.

tree of life tattoo christian meaning

tree flowers in shades of gray with turquoise and green colors that give a very successful contrast.

tree of life tattoo christian

printed flowers around the branches that were represented at the hand of this young woman.

tree of life tattoo cliche

Thin tree branches that cross the entire back of this young and hanging flowers in pink and red shades.

tree of life couple tattoos

Branches of a tree with cherry blossoms and petals around them.