8 Best Upwork alternatives for Hiring Remote Freelancers in 2021

Let us look at these Upwork alternatives in more detail.
1. workother

This exclusive platform of vetted developers and designers is highly recommended as one of the top alternatives to Upwork. Unlike other well-known platforms in the same niche, workother offers some of the most reasonable pricing scales in the market for their highly qualified talent. They charge a flat fee of $40 per hour for all their senior talent which is a highly competitive rate even in Upwork’s terms.

Here’s why you should consider workother as an alternative to Upwork for all your developer and designer needs:
  • workother’ 8000+ talent pool comprises Elite Senior Developers that are highly vetted and Designers unlike Upwork’s millions of non-vetted sub-standard talent base.
  • workother talent base is exclusively from the European and Latin American regions, unlike Upwork’s globally distributed talent.
  • Due to their process of carefully selecting each candidate based on their set of skills and talents the company can ensure that they’ll find a suitable match for the client in under 24 hours, whereas with Upwork you may have to wait for weeks and even months to make a suitable hire.
  • workother assures all their talents are assigned from the same time zone as the client, in order to warrant all communications and delivery of services can be conducted efficiently. The clients are further matched personally to the talent, based on experience, niche and any other requirements. None of which is offered at Upwork.
  • Unlike Upwork, workother offers a 14 Day no-risk trial period to guarantee the chosen talent is the right fit for the client. If the client is not fully content, workother is ready to either immediately replace the talent or to refund the money.
  • Furthermore, workother offers a weekly rolling contract with no minimum commitment that allows the client to cancel the project whenever they want.
2. Paro
Upwork Competitor - Paro vs. Upwork

A company exclusively specializing in all things finance, Paro offers you a group of finance experts that can take your business to the next level. Services offered at Paro range from Chief Financial Officers, Financial Analysts and Certified Public Accountants to Bookkeepers.

They offer flexible contracts to their clients so that they can cater the talents to each client based on their specific needs.

Here’s why you should consider Paro as an alternative to Upwork for all your Financial Expert needs:
  • Unlike Upwork, Paro specialises in the finance industry where their expertise lies.
  • They conduct pre-vetting of all their talents with a multi-step vetting process and accepts only the top 2% of every thousand applicants into their platform.
  • Paro takes a very personal approach with all their projects as they reach out to each client individually as they sign on to the platform to understand your needs better.
  • Renowned for their customer service, Paro makes sure that they provide excellent service throughout the duration of the project.
3. Dribbble
Upwork Competitor - Dribbble vs. Upwork

Featuring some of the best design talents in the market, Dribble is an Upwork alternative to all things design related. They were previously known as Crew.co, and is an exclusive freelance platform of web/graphics designers and creative talent. While they focus on creating customized apps and websites for businesses, their extensive portfolio has big names like Apple, Airbnb, Shopify, Facebook, SLack and Google among many more.

Here’s why you should consider Dribbble as an alternative to Upwork for all your Financial Expert needs:
  • All freelancers at Dribbble are pre-vetted and hand-picked based on their qualifications in each respective field.
  • They offer multiple plans and features for the clients to pick from based on their budget and requirements.
  • Dribbble also offers an option where the clients that do not have the time to sort through applications can directly tap into the most exclusive list of candidates in order to save time.
  • They provide exceptional customer service and they pride themselves in accompanying the client through each and every step of their journey.
4. Credo
Upwork Competitor - Credo vs. Upwork

Credo carries over a decade of experience in the online marketing arena and is celebrated for the high standards of service offered. Although they serve the very niche industry of SEO and marketing, they ensure to provide you with any and all services required under their field of expertise with the use of their hand-selected team guiding you through your project.

Here’s why you should consider Credo as an alternative to Upwork for all your marketing and SEO needs:
  • Unlike Upwork, Credo offers you only pre-vetted individuals that are pros within their field of expertise, and they ensure to hand-select a team for you based on your requirements.
  • They are known for their fast matching (generally within 24 hours) and they provide you with not one but 2 to 3 matches for each job based on your industry, needs, and budget consideration. Each client is provided with an account manager, hence if you need any clarifications or you require a new match, Credo is more than ready to jump in and serve you.
  • Credo is known to provide exceptional customer service and is available to guide you throughout your project.
5. Textbroker
Upwork Competitor - Textbroker vs. Upwork

A platform that specializes in providing top-notch freelance writing services, Textbroker as an Upwork alternative to all things writing offers a far superior service.

Here’s why you should consider Textbroker as an alternative to Upwork for all your writing needs:
  • Through Textbroker you have access to a pool of thousands of writers that are categorized based on their skill level.
  • You get matched to a talent based on your budget and the quality of service you require.
  • You also have the option of choosing the premium service where the Textbroker team handles your entire operation for you.
  • The company guarantees that in case the writer assigned to you is unable to complete your task, they’ll immediately reassign another writer to ensure your job gets done on time!
6. Viedit
Upwork Competitor - Viedit vs. Upwork

Viedit is your go-to freelance platform for all things media. This Upwork alternative offers you some of the best global media editors to pick from for all your media editing requirements.

Here’s why you should consider Viedit as an alternative to Upwork for all your writing needs:
  • Viedit gives you access to a global pool of media editors that offer their services 24/7.
  • Viedit acts as your trusted third party and offers a money-back guarantee.
  • You are able to personally get in touch with the editors and discuss your needs before signing on for a project.
  • Additionally, the freelancers are able to browse the projects posted by the clients and make them an offer.
  • Ability to browse the extensive verified portfolios of all editors before making the pick.
7. Belay
Upwork Competitor - Belay vs. Upwork

Belay is a one-stop solution for busy entrepreneurs as they offer a fantastic selection of highly qualified virtual assistants that can organize your life. In contrast to Upwork, Belay is highly selective on the individuals that make it to their platform, with only a 4% acceptance rate from all applicants, in order to maintain quality assurance.

Here’s why you should consider Belay as an alternative to Upwork for all your writing needs:
  • All Belay VAs are based in the United States.
  • The company ensures that all their talent is college-educated with bachelor’s degrees or higher educational qualifications.
  • They are constantly on the lookout for seasoned professionals with a proven track record of offering their services remotely.
  • Belay conducts excellent customer care services, offering you completed guidance every step of the way.
8. Freelance for Law
Upwork Competitor - Freelancer for Law vs. Upwork

Freelance for law is the top Upwork alternative for those looking to hire high quality, on-demand legal help.

Here’s why you should consider Freelance for Law as an alternative to Upwork for all your writing needs:
  • It takes under a minute to create an account on Freelance For Law as you can easily sign up via email, Linkedin or Google.
  • Freelance for Law allows you the ability to post your project on their platform for free with full details of requirements and budget.
  • Receive competitive proposals from potential freelancers immediately after the project is live. You can review their resumes and work history to find someone that falls in line with the work you have at hand.
  • Finalize your terms with the freelancer you select and you’re good to go. You will also be able to set daily, weekly, or specific targets for your requirements.
  • Without the involvement of a law firm with all their overheads and the cost it comes with, the client gets to set the price with the top-notch freelance attorneys that are able to complete legal projects at a fraction of the cost.

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