Secret Celebrity Piercings And Body Jewelry

Have you ever noticed how celebrities are put on a pedestal and looked at as flawless? Don’t get me wrong, the media รูปสาวเน็ตไอดอล has a great way of making stars look bad but let’s face it, when we see our favorite movie star in a magazine with a bunch of unknown piercings, we are shocked. In movies, we see actors as perfect people who have their lives made for them until we see them uncover their secrets of tattoos, piercings and other physical flaws. Let’s say Hannah Montana showed up at a concert wearing piercings all over her body. Parents and kids across the nation would be shocked. Celebrities are uncovering their secret body jewelry ever day.

There are many famous actors, actresses, singers, and models that have some type of piercing in odd places of their body that not many people know about. As fans of these celebs hear about the piercings, they are motivated to get a piercing themselves. If their idols have a nose piercing, they want to be just like them so they get one too. As the years have gone on, the amount of body jewelry in the teen/pre-adult generation has increased. That’s because the accessories for the human body are becoming big trends not only in America but all over the world.

Entertainment’s favorite punk girl, Pink has many piercings. This might not come as much of a shock but she has at least five piercings. She has several on the edges of her ears, a nose ring, tongue ring, nipple rings, and a tragus piercing.