Value of Gold in 2021

Gold will be a popular asset in the medium term. After a dramatic surge during the Brexit vote, when the price gained from $1,110 to $1,855, the gold price has fallen by over 25%.

Despite the fact that the future price of gold is unknown, one has to admit that gold is still one of the most attractive assets

There are many reasons why gold is attractive. Some of the most important are price stability, liquidity and the value of gold.

The fact that gold is not manipulable and fluctuates in price almost within a specified range is an undeniable fact. According to an estimate from Trading Economics, gold is one of the most liquid assets.

There are about 4,830 Tonnes of gold stored around the world and the majority of this amount is in Switzerland, in the Bank of England and the US Federal Reserve Bank.

Russia does not have a gold reserve, which means that the country is not able to safeguard the gold price and even more, this country does not have the right to distribute gold among the population check the 18k gold price.

Therefore, the country is forced to use the existing gold reserves for a more pressing purpose, which is boosting the ruble value.

In order to do this, Russia could return the gold reserves to the central bank in full or with a 20% reserve.

The latter would be a concession from the Bank of Russia and could compensate for the damage caused by the depreciation of the ruble.

In essence, this would mean the elimination of the cash reserve of the Bank of Russia, and after a couple of years, it would end up in the treasury fund, according to the Bank of Russia’s document on gold redistribution.

In conclusion, Russia is forced to choose between gold and rubles, and given that the new gold price is around $1,150 per ounce, Russia would not find itself in a very advantageous position, if gold were returned to the central bank, compared to the fact that the ruble has plunged to a level where it could be vulnerable.

It is for this reason that Russia chose to withdraw some of its gold reserves in full, to strengthen the currency by any means possible.

If Russia returns gold to the Bank of Russia, the return of the gold reserves to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York could be one of the most important financial events in recent years.

Gold held in the New York Federal Reserve Bank is the most liquid gold stockpile in the world.

For example, the amount of gold held in the New York Federal Reserve Bank is 17.5% of the world’s total gold reserves.

As such, the Federal Reserve is the most important, if not the only entity, that could safeguard the world’s gold market in the long term.

Moreover, after a decline, gold is a long-term viable asset.

In conclusion, the long-term investment in gold is an attractive option for both a cash or a crypto-currency investor.

Look into Gold, let’s see where the value of gold comes.

Exclusive: Russia’s gold is worth $220.1 billion. Put the stock of all the world’s gold in New York in a vault and its worth is estimated at $45 trillion.

Russia will buy in the U.S. Treasury $320 billion for 25 years. A very good option for those who want to invest in gold.

Russia calls for removal of all US government sanctions and all others who wants to invest in gold, should contact Oleg Romanchuk.

Because of oilpricez increases day by day the gold is also getting increase in its price.